Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lavender and Air Conditioning

Hello All! Happpy Wednesday from Marilyn on a bike and... the Playground!

it's 10:10 and we'll be open from now until 7pm tonight surely

Hopefully, by continueing to post on this blog everyday we can help prevent you (the people!) from popping by and us being closed.

If I haven't said it enough I truly do apologize for the last month and not keeping our hours. We had some difficulty with employees but if you can dig deep deep down inside for the faith you have in the playground i promise you we're coming back twice as playful!

In the meantime, to the good stuff :)

Adam's Family Board Game? It Does Exist!

Also, we've got a bunch of new mini dresses, both new and vintage

an Erin Featherston coctail dress, a beautiful baby blue H&m dress and a few fun jumpers. $12 and under :)

Here's a quick runway shot from Erin Featherston incase you're not familiar
That's it.
Love Always,
The Playground

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