Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I almost forgot .Faeries.

For all you hippies I've got wonderful news!

Fairy things this week !!

A wreath made of dried flowers (ooooooh)

Some fun long dangly necklaces - one with a french love poem written on it, and another a tiny hand painted clock on a long chain (oooooh as well)

A Mr. Potato Head...

Also, more lovely summer dresses, a few halters both vintage and new around sizes 4-7. Some express, urban renewal, 70's pieces, fun household jazz and some great Stephen King beach books for .75 a buck!!

Oh! Boy, one more thing! PLUS SIZES. We just got in a TON of Spring and Summer pieces for sizes 14-18 L-XXL, and they're pretty damn cute.


a new blog I enjoy - A Shaded View on Fashion

That's It.

Love Always,
The Playground

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